Sinks, Toilets, and Baths

If you have a blockage in your sink, toilet or bath and your plunger just isn’t cutting the mustard, then give Blocked Drains Worcestershire a call. We are equipped with professional equipment to make light work of a sometimes messy and difficult job.

Drain Clearing

At some point all drains need to be cleared out. The inevitable build up of fat, washing detergent, silt and scale reduce the pipe flow leading to a blockage. Using a high pressured jetting machine we are able to blast through obstructions in your pipework and strip away any deposits to restore fully functional conditions.

Drain and Piple Relining

It’s a way of placing new piping down without the need to dig up the drain. It uses a system called ‘inversion’. It uses pressurised air or water. We use different inversion methods depending on the environment and application.

Some benefits of relining a pipe rather than replacing it altogether are:

  • It’s cheaper
  • Less inconvenience due to minimal disruption
  • More resistant to leaks and root penetration
  • Strengthens the pipe

Drain Excavation

When a damaged drain requires excavation and repair, the scope of the job can vary greatly depending on the problem. For us to accurately assess the problem, our engineer will need to inspect the drain and decide on the best course of action. They will need to ascertain the correct equipment, personnel and permits required. After the inspection, our engineer will be able to give an accurate estimate for the repair of the drain. Please use the freephone number at the top of the page for a free no obligation appointment.

Root Removal

Tree roots can cause cracks in pavements and driveways. They vary in size, and some may be too big a job to be able to remove using a spade or axe. Blocked Drains Worcestershire can remove the roots safely and treat them to ensure they won’t come back. Call us on the number at the top of the page if you need help preserving your property from tree roots.

Gutters and Gullies

It’s a fact that gutters and gulley’s get blocked by the accumulation of leaves, debris and dirt from the roof. Clearing the gutters can be extremely dangerous work and there are an alarming number of fatalities every year from people trying to clear their gutters and falling from a ladder. Why risk your life when you can give us a call and relax in the knowledge that you are safe and that the job is being done properly?


As well as normal drain rodding, we are often called out to descale drains. This usually occurs due to a build up of grease, inappropriate materials, disposable nappies or wet wipes.

We can clear your pipes and drains giving you the satisfaction that you needn’t worry about blockages for the coming years.

Manhole Repairs

Whether your manhole has collapsed or the cover is broken, we’ll be able to repair the problem professionally using advanced grouts and resins to ensure the repair is a permanent one.

Pipe Laying

Sometimes piping can be too old to repair. In these circumstances we can replace old for new. We also lay pipes connecting to toilets and wash basins.

CCTV Inspections and Surveys

Blocked Drains Worcestershire have all the latest camera equipment. We are able to identify faults and blockages with ease then we provide you with visual footage and a detailed report.
We also offer drainage reports to home buyers. For details of this service please contact us.

Septic Tank Services

If you own a property that uses a Septic Tank, it is important to know that new regulations came into effect on January 1st, 2020. We can make sure that you meet the new Environmental Agency rules.

If a Septic Tank discharges into surface water areas such as ditches, streams and surface drains, it will need to be replaced by a full sewage treatment plant or use a proper drain field. The Environmental Agency has ruled that dispersing waste water from Septic Tanks into a surface watercourse is a potential cause of pollution. Failure to comply with the new rules could result in a hefty £100,000 fine, so don’t neglect to meet your responsibilities.

Septic Tanks may need to be configured to discharge waste via an appropriately designed drainage field. Ezy drains, tunnels, soakaway crates or pits do not meet the new requirements. Our qualified drainage engineers will make sure that your Septic Tank discharges into an infiltration system. You are required by law to upgrade your system by 2020 even if you are selling your property. A sale cannot go ahead if your Septic Tank fails to meet the new regulations. A Septic Tank must discharge into the ground rather than a body of water.


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